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Anne Sportun Fine Jewellery Launches New Responsive Website

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Canadian Jewellery Company, Anne Sportun Fine Jewellery Launches New Responsive Website 

Toronto, ON (April 12, 2013) - Canadian luxury jewellery brand, Anne Sportun Fine Jewellery, has today announced the launch of a completely redesigned website built specifically with the mobile professional in mind. Anne Sportun is one of the first jewellery companies to adopt the latest responsive web design technique.

The updated site has been built using “responsive” design techniques that allow it to scale dynamically based on the user’s device - desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones will each display a slightly different version of the same website, helping to ensure an optimal user experience. One of the many benefits of this type of design is the elimination of ‘pinching & zooming’ when reading content on smaller devices. 

“We’re so excited to start 2013 with this new design” said company CEO, Anne Sportun. “It’s important to us that our customers experience our online presence with the same quality and personal feel they would in person”. 

The Anne Sportun website interface has changed to be simple; ease of use and enhanced social sharing options make accessing information a breeze. “We have noticed a large increase in visitors using mobiles and tablets to access our website; to cater to these users we chose to go fully responsive; because this required a complete rebuild to implement, we also took the opportunity to update the overall style of the site at the same time,” said Brand & Marketing Manager, Jessica Redmond. “Aside from our customers, we’re extremely excited to introduce the new website to our wholesale accounts; the new store locator app is supercharged by Google Maps with global geo-location, Google directions and meta-data such as phone and website information, to help quickly direct Anne Sportun shoppers to the store nearest them,” added Jessica. 

In addition to these new technical functionalities comes the benefit of a beautiful online presence. “The reality today is really quite simple. Any time we hear about a brand, store or company, (or anything new to us), we automatically run a search on our mobiles or computers. How one appears on the Internet now sets the tone for who you are,” said Jessica. “By providing our customers and wholesale accounts with responsive web design services we intend to help them better connect with the Anne Sportun brand; they can now look forward to increased brand awareness and a great experience when visiting our website”. 

Anne Sportun Fine Jewellery is one of Canada’s premier fine jewellery brands, creating timeless pieces inspired by nature with an understated elegance. Precious. Everyday®. For further information about Anne Sportun Fine Jewellery, visit

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